DermaFlash SAM  |   Skin Analysis Machine


Underlying skin conditions become clearly visible under the DermaFlash SAM hood with the UV-A fluorescent lights.

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DermaFlashTM   SAM
Skin Analysis 

The DermaFlash is a Skin Analyzer and Treatment Resource all in one.  Its specialized UV-A lamps aid analysis of skin problems, allowing customized skin care programs to be created for the client. Specialized red and blue lamps can be used to treat acne.


Skin Pigmentation & Skin Conditions

Freckles, age spots, hormonal mask appears as dark brown spots, discoloration could  possibly be caused by sun exposure, hormones and some medications. 

 DermaFlash Client Image Oily Skin
Oily skin patches appear as red or pink patches on the clients skin.  This condition is possibly caused by open pores, thicker skin, over stimulating the oil glands with products or diet.

Clogged Pores
Pimples, blackheads, acne appear as bright yellow or orange spots sometimes surrounded by a deep purple.  There are various suspected causes for this skin condition such as inadequate cleansing, sensitivity to soaps or facial products, nutrition,  hormones, or anxiety.

Dead and Dehydrated Skin
Dead skin on the surface of the skin appears as white flakes, usually in patches.  Not properly exfoliating or moisturizing  the skin can cause this symptom to occur.  Other possible causes include extreme cold weather, an allergic reaction to a product, sunburn or wind burn.

Poor Circulation
Skin with poor circulation appears in the SAM unit as dark purple areas,  where the blood is not moving underneath the exterior and upper layers.
 DermaFlash Client Image

Sun Damage
Sun damage can appear as dark patches, usually irregular in shape and randomly scattered on the face.  Children rarely show these dark spots -- if you look at their skin in a SAM, it will be very smooth and blemish-free  Sun exposure and sunburns can lead to an increase in these irregular black spots. Their presence should give the client heightened awareness of the importance of protecting their skin using sun blocks.
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