DermaFlash SAM  |   Skin Analysis Machine


DermaFlash SAM can detect skin problems years before any symptoms appear on the outer, visible skin layer.  Specialized bulbs can treat  certain skin conditions.

Skin Analysis Machine and PhotoSAM-III Camera Accessory…


 DermaFlash SAM  |   PhotoSam III DermaFlash introduces the new PhotoSAM-III Skin Analysis System using the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Edition 2014. 

This completely innovative system uses the SAM-T3 in either 110 Volt 60 Hz, or 220 Volt 50 Hz versions and the internal
Stainless Steel reflectors to create plentiful UV-A to capture real-time still images, and video. The images are processed in real time.. So What You See Is What You Get. Thanks to the high resolution camera in the Samsung Tablet, the images
can be viewed, captured, and saved. Just tap the screen and the image can be captured and/or saved.

Also the images can be automatically uploaded to your company files, seminar workshop, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WWW, etc.
via the built in WiFi and Bluetooth. No more image processing -- it's automatic. The medical quality UV-A images are shown in real time.
This is a HUGE breakthrough for Skin Analysis. 

The cost is $3495.00 with $50.00 shipping throughout the lower 48 States.  The SAM-T3, Custom Carry Case, Removable Mounting Bracket and a new Galaxy Tablet 10.1 with software is included. The warranty is one year and we are taking orders for August 2014 delivery.

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