DermaFlash SAM  |   Skin Analysis Machine


Underlying skin conditions become clearly visible under the DermaFlash SAM hood with the UV-A fluorescent lights.  

DermaFlashTM   SAM
Skin Analysis 

Using the color analysis chart, the skin care professional can give the client an educated consultation to a course of follow up treatments.


Understanding Fluorescing Artifacts

When you look through the magnified viewer of the SAM unit, you may see the following colors on the skin that are not noticeable in normal light. These color representations correspond to the following skin conditions:

 DermaFlash S.A.M. Skin Analysis Machine Red Small Spots - Oil Filled Pores

Large Red Area - Increased Oily Condition 
- Make sure area is properly cleansed and repeat examination

Orange to  Yellow   Spots - Potential Bacteria in Pores 

Green Area - Normal Healthy Skin

Violet Spots - Minimal Collagen

Light Violet Area - Dehydrated Skin

Dark Violet Area - Inadequate Circulation

White Spots - Inflammation Dehydrated Skin

White Areas - Flaky Dead Skin

Blue Area - Normal Healthy Skin

Brown Spots - Acne or Freckles

Black Spots  - Sun Damage 

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